Sunday, June 22, 2008


I don't know if a any of you have heard of the new show "Greensburg" on the planetgreen channel. WOW let me tell you just watching everything that this town has gone through brought tears to my eyes. This whole town was wiped out by a F5 tornado. Totally wiped out the entire town. But now that the town needs to start from scratch they want to build everything "green" so that it will be able to sustain itself, and be easier for the town to live smart and healthy. Anyways if you get the chance check out the show it is really interesting!

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Teri said...

Hey! I don't think we get that channel. I wish we did.

We're already home from vacation, so you are welcome (and wanted) to come over whenever you like. Josh's shift is Mon-Thurs this week from 6a - 4p. Just give me an hour or two's warning so I can straighten up. My house is a disaster. I'm a very messy person. Really. I'm very exctited to hang out with you!!!!!!!! :)