Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've decided to tell you my Favorite 10 things

1. PAD THAI!! I absolutely love pad thai, but not just from anywhere you need to get it at Sushi Thai in Naples!! Any where else is not the same.

2. WATERMELON! I could live on the stuff! I think that no summer is complete unless you have devoured at least 5 watermelons!

3. Baked Beans. They smell awesome they are so tasty and they give you all the fiber you could ever need!! On a side note I think there should be a candle that smells like a can of baked beans...I would buy it:)

4. Babies. They are a gift from God, so precious and pure (until you need to change their diaper or wake up with them all hours of the night). I am waiting for the day that I am given this gift.

5. Candles. I love smelly things and candles are fun to have as decoration and as air fresheners, again I would be interested to have a baked bean smelling candle!!

6. Organics. I am not a tree hugger, I am not into all the global warming mambo jumbo, I just think that eating naturally and organically will help me and my family to be healthier, more energetic, and not have to worry about so many different illnesses that are caused by chemicals in our foods.

7. My dog. Even though she can be a pain in the butt, I love her. Her name is Georgia and she is a mutt, she likes to nap and eat and jump on people and lick them. She gets nervous around men and kids but besides that she is a great little pet.

8. Fireworks! The 4th of July and New Years have always been my favorite holidays I guess the wonder and awe that accompanies fireworks make me feel young and they are just plain beautiful.

9. Flip flops! I guess that comes with being a Florida girl, but I could and do live in them during the summer!

10. Finding a verse that just speaks directly to you in the circumstance that you are facing, whether good or bad. Right now the verse that means a lot to me is Psalms 105:4 which says "Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!"

What verse has been laid on your heart lately?

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The Herrenbrucks said...

ok, a baked bean candle ,that's a little gross. :) ha ha