Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Bucket List

I actually made this during college, but I recently watched the movie and made me rethink a few things because they aren't exciting enough...I made the changes accordingly. Also made notes for the ones that have been accomplished.

1. Marry the man God made for me...Check

2. Watch a surgery in person...Check

3. Meet Jimmy Wayne(My favorite country singer in college)....Check

4. Plant a cucumber garden...planted just waiting for them to grow...semi-check

5. Go inside the Blue Grotto...honeymoon check

old 6. Read Tolstoy's War and Peace...needs to be changed not very exciting

new 6. Get my Master's degree...classes begin in August

7. Save money...I'll keep this one, it will be good for my family

8. Make a difference...I teach high schoolers, I drive a hybrid, I recycle, I teach Sunday school, Missions trips...check

9. Milk a cow...check

old 10. Learn another language...Not very much fun

new 10. See the Rocky Mountains...I can't wait


Renee said...

Jen, that is so cool. Greg and I just watched the movie last weekend and loved it. I am so glad that you blog. I love the new things that I am learning about you!!

Cathee Conner said...

Love your bucket list. You've inspired me to make my own!

Also, thanks for visiting my cooky little food and other random stuff blog!