Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Copied this from Carly

I am: constantly trying to improve
I think: I don't want to teach physics next year
I know: That I am saved
I want: A best friend, that won't move away
I wish: I kept better in touch with friends
I hate: my attitude some days
I miss: my girl friends from Clearwater and WOLBI
I fear: I will never get pregnant :(
I feel: like I need to read some good books
I hear: cars outside
I smell: a candle
I crave: watermelon
I search: right now for peace
I regret: when I don't do my best at something
I love: my Lord, Erick, family, dog, friends
I ache: for a baby
I care: for everyone
I always: pray before I eat
I am not: always exciting
I believe: in heaven
I sing: not so good
I cry: and it feels good
I fight: too much with my husband
I write: now in a blog
I win: a lot of arguments
I lose: a lot of arguments
I never: curse, drink
I confuse: myself
I listen: very well
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of family dying
I need: to feel cherished
I am happy about: it being summer time
I hope: Erick and I can pay off our debt

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