Monday, June 30, 2008


This weekend I went to IKEA with my husband. Normally when we have gone in the past it has taken us like 4 hours to get through the store. And you don't even realize that that much time has passed. It is so much fun to see how they have every room set up and just how relatively inexpensive and cute everything is. Well Erick and I thought that since we knew what we were looking for that we wouldn't be there for 4 hours. Well we ended up spending only 2 hours there. Still a long time, but better than our norm. So we got a cute cubed bookshelf, and a little cat house for Leo. I would have gotten one for Georgia our dog but I think she can be claustrophobic. The cat house was only 6 bucks..what a deal! We got him the blue one.
(Anyone who has a baby...or about to needs to go shop their baby stuff. But I wouldn't recommend ordering offline...shipping will kill you)
They are also having a sale!

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Teri said...

Jen! I totally missed your last comment about coming over last week. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! I'm so sorry. Could you give me a call? 353-1330