Monday, February 8, 2010

#2.5 Man of God

I had another idea today so let's count it as 2.5, which is "Raising up a man of God."
I have purposed in my heart that this little boy is going to be strong, respectful, loving, leader of a man. He will understand that the word of God is more important than the air he breathes.I will daily pray this over the child and I will make sure that this little man will hold the doors open for everybody that is behind him, always say please and thank you, always ask for permission instead of thinking forgiveness is okay later. I know that this is going to be a fight many days, but I know that God will reward my nagging, I mean my persistence.
I also will give my son the secrets to being a wonderful husband, and friend. I will expect that he has respect for anyone, no matter age, size, color, gender, it doesn't matter. Everyone is important in the eyes of God and he will respect that. I am going to help him become the Man that he has the potential to be. Because potential is unlimited when you are in the hands and will of God.

I pray that one day I will want to be like my son!

Okay Harrison enjoy this time before your mamma gets a hold of you!



Teri said...

I cannot wait for you to hold your sweet little man of God!! You are already such a great mommy!! :)

Stephanie said...

That's a wonderful post and a goal that I think all parents should have for their children. I know it's what we pray for Bella and Gia. It's just a slightly more girly version. I can't wait for us to meet these two!!!!!