Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So far I have not been impressed with the Foster Care system. It is almost like the caseworkers drop off a child in your care and then don't fill you in on anything! That is hard because it is important that we know the progress of the parent, and whether or not the parent is doing what they should be doing. We are supposed to get a visit every week for the first month that we have the child. I have only met Aleena's caseworker twice and have had her for two months.
Ally - the almost 3 year old was brought to us with the notion that we would be able to adopt her. Well her dad who just found out about her 3 months ago, wants to have full custody of her. I and my husband are very torn. We want what will be the best for her, but are not sure about this sudden transition. I pray that this is the best for her and everyone involved. Well after waiting a couple weeks to find out when she would be going to live with her dad, I called the caseworker. I found out that she may be leaving us on Monday .  .  . like THIS Monday, 4 days away! Either then or on the 22nd of this month. I hate that we don't get information when it would be convenient, we have to go after it ourselves.

Also for those who asked about fostering. . . after all this great news:)

Every state has a different board rate for children of different ages. In Florida we get 13-14$ a day for each child under the age of 6 (I think, it may be older). You get a 15$ clothing allowance, one time deal. If there are items that you need to get, like a double stroller, they will give you a walmart gift card if they feel it is necessary. At Christmas they bring the kids a couple presents. You meet about 4-5 different people that need to come and meet and monitor the child's behavior, temperament, needs, safety, etc. People like the guardian ad litum, a behaviorist, caseworker, PI, doctors. In Florida they have a program that is called 4C's and they will cover daycare, but if you only work part time they only cover a portion. There are certain daycares that they will cover, others they won't. But again that is in Florida. The children are put on medicare/caid (I never remember which one). In Florida there are certain doctors that take the medicare, some that won't it all depends.

But the kids are sweet and you are giving them a place to live and some love until they are able to go home. It is hard though, I am not gonna lie, my 3 year old is a 3 year old, and is very disobedient. I'll tell you this is the age when you know that there is a sin nature, it is like everything that you want them to do, they do the opposite! I think that Ally is in timeout more that the normal child. Very defiant little one! She is getting me ready for this lovely stage with my own baby, that I get to meet in 70 days!

Anyways I am a little emotional and frustrated, cause I am going to miss this little booger!


Amanda said...

yikes. yikes. yikes.

Michele said...

Jen...I have been praying for you and Eric with this situation. I know fostering is so difficult, especially for loving and caring people like you guys.

I am amazed that you guys are offering your home to children who need someone to love on them, to give them stability, and I'm sure you are able even to teach them a little about The Lord while they are with you.

God's Girl said...

I pray that God uses you in this tough situation.

May He bless you in amazing ways!