Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swine flu!

Leena and I have been infected with the famous H1N1. I have to tell you that I am not doing too bad, but for Leena it has been pretty scary I won't lie. She has been having fevers that have gone up to 104! We are constantly checking her temp and I have not been able to have a good nights sleep because I wake up worried about her. She has been really congested and snotty. I have been having terrible headaches and I know that it has lowered my immune system, I have a wicked fever blister, and my body is getting really achy.

Nice thing is, I can't leave the house, so I am pretending to be a SAHM. The challenge I am coming up against is that I need to use this time well, yet I think "ahh I am home I need to relax" and nothing is getting done but the laundry (that is still sitting in the dryer)

I need to prove to my husband that I need to stay home and that I will use this time as I would working outside the house. So I need to get off my butt and go fold the laundry!


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Amanda said...

Actually, what you NEED to do is get healthy so that you can take care of that little girl and your hubby and also so you can go back to work.

But I'm glad you're getting a taste of SAHMomhood. lol :)