Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is up?

My household is still trying to get better, but ever since Erick and I both got our Whoopingcough/Tetnus vaccines, we are not feeling to great! That stinking shot makes my arm feel like I was hit with a baseball! Leena has been feeling a little better, but I think the pollen is bothering her now, her nose just started to drain out of no where! There is nothing worse than a raw baby nose, she screams when I even come close to her face with a wipe!

But everything else is going as planned, praying it stays that way!



The Herrenbrucks said...

Get well soon! We are the same... just can't kick it. It is exhausting.. for sure.

Oh, and you maybe didn't mean "wipe," but if you are wiping her nose with a wipe it may be hurting ... but she may just be screaming to scream b/c it hurts and Hope doesn't like her nose getting wiped either.. no matter what with. Though she does think it's fun to Blow (only she blows through her mouth...ha ha).

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Andrew is the same way this week! He saw me coming at him with a wipe and immediately started crying. Poor babies!