Sunday, February 28, 2010


We are STILL sick! Last week I was beginning to feel better, but since Friday I have been having a nasty cough and this Sunday morning, I can't inhale without choking. Poor Erick slept on the couch because he was up all night sneezing and hacking up a lung.

I really think that we are sick (again) because we got the whooping caugh  vaccine and we are having the symptoms of the virus, which stinks! But we both have to go to work next week, I can't miss anymore days and Erick has to save his, for when we go and get Harrison.

Lele still has a terrible cough even with nebulizing her everyday. Please pray a prayer for our family we have been sick for over a month and we are all tired and so exhausted!

I also start my part-time job tomorrow. I am expecting this first week will be pretty crazy, especially since I do not have the textbook yet!


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Teri said...

Praying for you guys, Jen! Hang in there!