Sunday, February 7, 2010

My list

Following in the footsteps of Carly, I wanted to do something that will challenge me and yet be totally a waste of time. But I will start small and we will see what happens, so for the next 5 days I want to think of positive reasons for God blessing me with a little boy.

But beforeI start with #1 I have to tell you about when I found out I was adopting a little boy.
Me and my family wanted to find out together what we were adopting, so we decided that we would have a little party and have the ultrasound tech write in a card what we were having. I have to tell you I would have put a million bucks down that it was a girl, so I was all set for Evelyn Grace. Erick and I sat down and began to open the card together. Well the card was blue and said "Peek-a-boo Buckaroo " , well I didn't think much of it. When we open the card there was an ultrasound picture and I swear my eyes whet blurry and cross-eyed, I was in shock, I mean why was it pointing to a penis? I was not expecting to see that, and then Erick read that it was a boy, then it hit me, and then I said "a boy?" It finally hit me and then I started to cry. Not because I was upset or sad, I was just completely surprised. I had my Mammaw and friend Steph on the phone and I am sure they thought I was having a melt down. But I think what happened was my heart leaped for joy! I am sure if Erick told the story it would be different.

But because I am still getting used to the fact that we will have a little Harrison Sessions, I wanted to make this list. Again  I am very excited and anxious to meet Harrison, but having barely any boy things and a million girl items I feel like I have to start from scratch, but anyways onto the list. 

#1- Modesty

Being a high school teacher, the thing that aggravates me the most is when I have to do dress code check. Thankfully with a little boy I won't have to worry about cleavage, mini skirts, or bikinis! If anything, I will have to make sure Harry changes his underwear and socks regularly.


The Herrenbrucks said...

So thrilled for you -- and yes, you are right - you won't have to worry much about the modesty.... maybe the cleanliness or appearing "put together" and not sloppy... but probably not modesty. I can totally understand how you were floored I would have been the same way had they told me Hope was a boy since I was certain she was a girl. Sweet Harrison is going to be such a joy!

Amanda said...

I know a little Evelyn Grace. Harrison sounds much more unique! lol. I'm looking forward to your reasons because I am scared of having a boy!

jennifer said...

I am nervous too!

Art Teacher said...

Haha! I hope he remembers to change his underwear! I am so happy for you. Do we get to call him Harry, or is he Harrison all the time? I can't to meet him! I also can't wait to read your list!