Thursday, February 11, 2010

Erick's Reason 5.5

As a dad, it is always your hope to wrestle, fight, and just plain rough house with your son. If you were to wrestle with your son, it is great to pile on him and get physical. But if you were to do this with your daughter, you would be in big trouble if you accidentally hurt her and made her cry. It would be even more devestating if she was to accidentally hurt you and make you cry. It is okay if the sons beat up their dad, but never if the daughters do so.

So needless to say, I am very excited to put the hurting on little Harrison. I am going to put him in the figure four, back breaker, ddt, tombstone pile driver, suplex, walls of Jericho, sharpshooter, sleeper, half-nelson, full-nelson, and the infamous off the top rope "Jimmy Snuka Frogsplash!"

Oh Yeah Brother! I smell what the Rock is cooken!!!!

P.S. This post was not approved by the owner of this blog (a.k.a. My lovely wife Jennifer).


Michele said...

Ah.hahaha...that was funny. Loved the picture...definitely NOT approved by your lovely wife, I am sure.

The Murphys said...

This post made me giggle lol. I love watching my husband and son beat each other up. It's hilarious.